Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Done before Sunday.

Now you owe me.

Thank you :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


to many people out there NS is like 3 months of total torture and i definitely thought that that was going to happen to me. sadly enough i left for good old Kem Bakau Resort, Kerteh TERENGGANU!! on my daddy's bday. the moment we arrived we were greeted by the searing heat of the sun.. thats when we found out we were on the beach with was so cool.. the first week totally sucked.. it was really really tough trying to settle in and adapt to the new lifestyle there.. everything had to be done in bm and well that didnt really work well with me. by the end of the first week we were homesick and sick of the place. but it ended well with us getting our phones.. was such a nice feeling.. lol..
at camp i met a lot of really great people. i was somehow listed in the most notorious dorm at camp cuz whenever there was a fight or some problem and can be assured that someone from Mess 1 was involved.. lol.. but really the people i met were really cool.. the ones that i usually hanged out with were Jordan, lianne, and david from church.. there was andre too.. he was like one of my best mates from primary school whom i havent seen since then.. then there was L and daniel.. L was from sungei way and daniel was from raub and these two were definitely my best mates in camp.. they were in my dorm and we did damn a lot together.. really really great people.. must make an effort to contact them soon.. lol.. oh then there was the irritating nut of the group.. dominic.. he was and is probably the most annoying person alive but definitely kept things lively for us la.. the was nic who was damn good at football and then there was derek.. he was this damn tall chinese dude from subang.. quite the dirty minded nut but fun to hang around all the same.. oh wait how can i forget anusha.. she can definitely give dom a run for his money when it comes to being annoying.. lol..
lets see who else is there.. oh yeah the terengganu peeps.. there was this sweet girl name Zue who still miss calls me from time to time and then there was Nabil.. now this dude is freaking buff.. played badminton for his state and was our camp's all star kayaker.. speaking bout kayaking.. now this is one of the best water sports there is and i loved kayaking around and even represented my camp in it.. really cool sport.. wah this post is going all over the place..
well over all la.. NS was really an experience that i will never forget and i really did enjoy my time there.. if any of you ever get posted to kem bakau dont worry cuz it'll be a blast.. hehe

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

time to resurrect this old place.. lol

wow.. its been almost a year since i've used this blog.. can see all the spiderwebs and dust everywhere.. lol.. never knew why i started this blog and definitely do not know why im back here.. lol.. hmmm.. maybe its cuz i've been inspired by the few blogs i've visited tonight.. quite the interesting also.. or maybe its cuz im so freaking bored.. man my blog is so gloomy.. two posts and everything is black.. no wonder no mood to come back.. i should probably brighten things up.. lol.. i'll do it the next time i come back... that is if i come back.. lol.. had to like search for my username.. totally forgot it.. lol..

what a year it has been so far.. i think i've had more experiences this year than any other prior year... i've accomplished so much wei. i'll go into the specifics later right now its time for chemistry homework and some econs(i hope.. lol..) till the next time then.. hopefully its less than a year.. lol

Thursday, October 26, 2006

i actually came back!!!!

i honestly did not think in a million years that i'd actually be back here... lol.. oh well since some sexy black fella helped me touch this place up i thought i'd revisit this place.. lol

hmmm.. today was like practically any other day.. had killer add maths tuitions. i never knew functions could be that tricky.. lol.. my teacher surprisingly belanja-ed us lunch.. lol.. then i just lepaked the whole afternoon in front of the comp..

evening was football time as usual.. today was kinda weird.. wasnt the most tiring time but definitely was the sweatiest time.. i could squeeze the sweat out from my unmentionables.. lol.. i found out that one of my football kaki's knows valerie.. lol.. the fella is quite similiar to her.. damn white, damn tall but unlike her he is damn thin.. lol.. val has more er meat i guess.. lol.. oh well then after that was dinner and stoning in my room time and now im here.. lol.. dang tomorrow must wake up early.. got tuition at 9 thanks to michelle.. ish..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

why am i doing this? lol

why on earth am i doing this wei.. i always thought blogging was a waste of time and well i guess i have time to waste now.. lol

the past few days have been nothing but a blur or tiredness, confusion, frustration, relief and many other emotions and feelings la.. it's basically been one bumpy roller coster ride and the joke is that its only been a few days.. lol.. i guess the outcomes of things could've been way worse than what it is but at least its over now.. and i haven't even come to the fact that in like less than a months time i will be sitting for SPM.. and i am like so not ready for it.. my whole future depends on this exam and god only knows why im not like panicking, pulling my hair out and running everywhere trying to find a book to read.. lol.. oh well like i've been telling myself still double digits so theres time..

well to what i got up to today.. today was quite the day... had 3 and the freaking half hours of mad physics tuition in the afternoon.. our teacher just kept goin and going and going and we were like oh my head!!! michelle, suresh and me were like brain dead by the time class ended.. after that i just lazed around the house watching tv and stuff.. then at nite i did quite the stupid thing of giving up devil curry for dinner with vanessa and alison.. at least it turned out to be pretty fun.. i purposely made them walk a big circle to get to my car and vanessa got freaked out by a lizard.. lol.. then we bought ice cream and i sent them home.. stopped over at valerie's place for a bit too.. gosh that girl is just so darn cute.. lol.. bugger!! ally's house is huge wei.. its like 30 times my room.. in fact its probably helluva even more bigger.. lol.. nice place though..

i guess thats all for now.. i wonder when im gonna visit this place again.. lol